What is Shoura ?

The word Shoura is an Arabic word that means "Consultation". Shoura is a term used in Islam to refer to the process of making important decisions related to Muslims. The Qur'an associates Muslims decision making with Shoura in the following verse :

"Those whom respond to their Lord, and establish regular prayer who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation (Shoura), and who spend of what We have bestowed on them" (Ashura 42:38)

Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) applied the Shoura system throughout his life On many occasions, the messenger of God accepted the advice of his companions. He also encouraged them to present their views and proposals.

    Therefore, a Shoura council is an integral part of any Muslim Association or State (The kingdom system is not the teaching of Islam that we see now). The Shoura council in Islam who have the most dedication to and knowledge of Islam, those who are religious and devoted to practicing Islam. Of course, the general public can still have others who are more righteous than those in the Shoura council. Definitely the council's level of knowledge and dedication will vary depending on the nature of the Muslim Association or State. This is the process that the MSA will use to elect a new president.

The Shoura council of the MSA has the authority to recommend a new president to the active Members of the MSA.

If the Majority of the Active Members accept him, he will be the Ameer (President). if not, the Shoura Council will have to meet again and recommend another Ameer.